Our A/W ‘22 collection - Wo(men) of stone commemorates the working Wo(men) of Botswana. It pays homage to the smoothness in the transition of urban life Batswana have embraced, not without full admission of the other side of the coin too. Emerging from bucolic life strung into blue-collar life, it appears to be no sweat off their back, while in actuality sweating their backs black. Still, they kept with them their stone-aged intrinsic values - at its core - unity.

We introduce - gender-neutral pieces for the very first time with the concept of work as an economical and social function which shaped our collections’ story. The Mogoditshane quarry where our collection was captured, is symbolic of the role natural resources continue to play in the advancement and exploitation of our land and people. Helping us ‘develop’, while leaving environmental destruction in its wake. Our site of play - the vast savannahs of Botswana, soft and light;  juxtaposes place of work - the hard and gritty quarry.

Following the journey of a people known for their passivity, they’re rewriting their norms, unified in their struggle and resistance. A re-telling of our history and culture - united in uniformity. Immobilizing colonial expansion, impeding capitalism's class and commodity construction.

Fluid in form - the fabrics used to create this collection are all organic and have been carefully constructed by local craftspeople. We’ve utilised hardier cotton in the form of twill to harsh any weather. Softer cotton we used in the form of washer and voile to bear in the air. Feather inners to float in. Both soft and hard fabrics will still allow our bodies that carry garments, to breathe, and the earth to, too. Structure of its line follows indomitable movement.

Made to be worn everywhere under the clouds, every piece in this collection is an ode to women, men, people who range these spaces/terrains. A woman we hold close to Maru, so close she is officially part of the team - Karabo Balepi, our marketing manager, models this collection. Get to know our perfect fit here

We hope you love our A/W ‘22 as much as we enjoyed creating it!