After weeks of searching, we were happy to finally select and welcome our first MARU team member – Karabo Balepi, our perfect fit!

So Karabo, tell us more about yourself

Hey, I’m Karabo but my friends call me Katt. I’m currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media (double major: Media & English). Outside of school, I consider myself more of a multidisciplinary creative; ranging from writing & blogging to art direction, photography & modeling.

Can you tell us how you came to be MARU’s “Perfect Fit”

Funny story, a friend of mine shared a story ad & MARU was looking for models and creatives for the S/S ’21 campaign in Cape Town so I put myself out there. Unfortunately, at the time they (now we, lol) were looking for Cape Town based creatives. A few weeks later, I decided to pitch a blog post just before the job ad came out. Long story short, my pitch was approved & I got the job right around the same time. Won’t He do it?!

What is your day to day routine with MARU?

Lots of content planning, drafting, daily research & the likes. Marketing is the bigger part of the job though & it’s been fun. I get to put my creativity to the test daily in some shape or form.

How would you describe your personal style & how it fits into MARU’s aesthetic?

Simple. Minimal. Comfortable. Chic.

I prioritize comfort & ease whenever I get dressed, no matter the season. I like my brown tones & linens. I think that’s what ties my personal style into MARUs aesthetic.

Outside of MARU & your degree, what else do you get up to?

Well, mindlessly scrolling through Pinterest & Tumblr while daydreaming is pretty high on my list. If I’m not doing that, I’m exercising my creative muscle – writing, learning more on photography, spending time with my friends & getting into their creative spaces or working on new concepts.

You mentioned writing & blogging earlier, where can we find that?

You can find my blog on . She’s coming soon & I’m excited to share more on there!