S/S '22

Our S/S '22 collection - WOMEN OF THE SANS celebrates women of the sands. Several groups throughout Botswana and Southern Africa are grouped as ‘San’. The San peoples kinship reflects independence and interdependence too. San women are respected leaders for their duality of doings, postulating egalitarianism. San women move in groups, foraging, hunting and gathering. They wander as nomadic people, who are steady-foot in their movements. They are un-marking of their locus but naturally declare their locale as the first people of Southern Africa. They are the oldest on earth, laden with our history. 

Only a few housings hold San people and their stories. The story we’re telling is that of culture being told back, post-urbanisation. It follows the journey of women traversing the space and wandering as they do. They are guided by their own range and remain unbound. Still guided by their inherent compass made by every forecomer. They are not defined as being sans what they once were, without what they once had. They are sans locus, because it is everywhere and within them, wherever their locale. They belong under every cloud that they walk.

The fabrics used to create this collection are all organic and have been carefully constructed by local craftspeople. We’ve utilised hardier cottons in the form of twill and bull denim to weather harsher conditions. Softer cotton we used in the form of washer and voile to bear in air. Both soft and hard fabrics will still allow our bodies that carry garments, to breathe, and the earth to, too. The structure of its line follows intrepid movement and homages simple bases. 

Made to be worn everywhere under the clouds, every piece in this collection is an ode to women who traverse these spaces and their notaries. We’ve held these women close to Maru as we’ve created a collection for them alongside our S/S ‘22. 

We hope you love our S/S ‘22 as much as we enjoyed creating it!


Tsamaya le rona ko tlase ga maru!

Journey with us beneath the clouds!


Photographers: Bonang Libuke and Visule Kabule

Make-up artist: Mihle Mantshintshana

Hair: Rhonda Paulsen

Models: Tumelo Noah, Kim Makin and Rhonda Paulsen

Creative directors: Yusrah Sulaiman, Sabine Matsheka and Andrea Van Niekerk

Post-production: Andrea Van Niekerk