S/S '21

Our first ever collection *shriek*, our S/S ‘21 collection is the first juncture to lift off into what we see the Maru woman to be. 

She's a dreamer above everything, but still she stays grounded. Her footing anchored softly in our brown sands, with enough headroom to wander.

The sands of Botswana are to her, ethereal. 

Our first collection introduces Maru, and what it is to be mosadi wa Maru - a woman of the Clouds, made to be worn everywhere and every way beneath them.

Each piece in our first collection has been carefully constructed by local craftspeople, in natural fabrics - linen, rayon and cotton. It is of great importance for us to be engaging in sustainable practice. The fabrics used to create not just this collection, but all our future collections are and will always be natural and made sustainably - from the earth, back to the earth, from the bottom back up to the top. This is the fabric make-up of Maru's existence. Natural fabrics allow our bodies that carry garments, to breathe, and the earth to, too. They’re light and airy, with touch to structure in its lines. 

The pieces in this collection envisaged every modern Motswana woman.