The loungewear collection as part of our A/W ‘21 came to be from returning home from the discovery and adventure of the salt pans, to the village or city. We wanted to create a collection that could be worn to lounge around or sleep in. We wanted to create pieces that were comfortable and soft to the touch and that, during the colder months could keep us warm, but also be transitional for the warmer months - being cosy yet breathable. 

It was also important to us to have pieces that were easy to move around in and so we made pieces in fabric that is made up of 95% cotton and 5% lycra. While cotton is sustainable, lycra is not always considered to be. However, we really wanted to have pieces that would have enough give and were flexible to fluctuation of body and environment. Thus, we’d get the most wear we possibly could out of them - and be sustainable this way. 

We also wanted to move away from traditional loungewear that are often limited to where you can wear them. Our loungewear pieces are made to be worn anywhere and everywhere, to lounge, to dream, to adventure. 

Our Mosadi wa Maru - woman of the clouds continues her dream-making, still grounded, in the comfort of her dwelling. The loungewear pieces transcend the time of the day, allowing for both day and night traversion or relaxation. As is with our pieces, each loungewear piece is made to be worn interchangeably with one another. 

We hope you enjoy our first ever loungewear capsule collection!